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Are you under pressure to deliver new features and whole new applications in ridiculous timeframes, all while constantly making adjustments in response to customer feedback? Increased development speed and agility are among the top reasons that organizations adopt containers and Kubernetes. But both technologies introduce so much complexity into the system that teams can get bogged down managing configurations, setting up operational tools, refining their CI/CD pipelines and generally managing their infrastructure. 

Time spent on infrastructure management is time that isn’t spent using software to deliver value to your customers.

The fastest-moving teams are those who use a mixture of managed services and automation tools to abstract away all of the engineering tasks that don’t build differentiated value for the company. 

Otomi Container Platform is the fastest way for organizations to get Kubernetes speed and agility, with the smallest initial and ongoing investment in infrastructure management. It allows teams to start deploying within an hour.

Do you need to be successful with Kubernetes and containers now and not in six months?

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