Avoid Cloud lock-in

Are you worried that you can’t adopt cloud native technology without becoming completely reliant on one cloud provider? One way that organizations outsource management for Kubernetes is to use one of the cloud provider’s Kubernetes versions in conjunction with a variety of cloud provider native services. This is often faster than using vanilla Kubernetes and managing integrations and infrastructure in-house, but it also completely locks the organization into the cloud provider and often becomes very expensive.

Time spent on infrastructure management is time that isn’t spent using software to deliver value to your customers.

This approach takes away the team’s flexibility to move cloud providers in the future while increasing the financial risk of the Kubernetes project. 

With Otomi Container Platform, organizations don’t have to lock themselves in to any cloud provider or risk rapidly increasing cloud service bills to get the fastest possible platform to deploy containerized applications. 

Do you need to be successful with Kubernetes now without risking massive costs as the cloud footprint grows?

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