Otomi addresses the common issues teams and decision-makers face when they adopt Kubernetes. Our turnkey solution allows you to rapidly adopt Kubernetes best practices, so you can focus on delivering applications with the optimal speed and quality

Otomi container platform dashboard

Developers are using Otomi to enjoy the benefits of Kubernetes while letting Otomi handle the infrastructure annoyances

  • Built-in monitoring and logging
  • Integrated CI/CD
  • Easy (team) onboarding
  • Centralized policy management
  • Team Slack channels
  • All built into an easy to use dashoard

DevOps use Otomi to rapidly adopt Kubernetes without reinventing the wheel

  • Start Day-2 operations already on Day-1
  • No need to write custom scripts
  • No local installs
  • Automate everything
  • Have less integration points
  • Enjoy coding support
  • Take advantage of Otomi’s API oriented approach
  • Enjoy sane configuration defaults
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Otomi benefits
Otomi container platform dashboard

Decision-Makers use Otomi to make Kubernetes adoption a predictable, safe and cost-effective process

  • Trying to build your in-house production-grade framework for applications deploying on Kubernetes is extremely complex for many companies.
  • Most companies spend 6-12 months and approximate €200.000 on their Kubernetes learning curve. This learning curve is not absent from downtimes, security incidents and cost overruns.
  • While your team is busy setting up Kubernetes your company cannot stop development.

Otomi offers your developers and DevOps teams an enterprise-grade turnkey Kubernetes-based container orchestration platform so they have the ability to focus on your core business

Benefits of Kubernetes set-up with Otomi Container Platform

Accelerate development

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Avoid cloud lock-in

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Overcome the skills gap

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Mitigate risk

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