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Otomi container platform dashboard

“Many companies spend a lot of time and money on building a solution that doesn’t do even half of what Otomi does right out of the box.” – a senior Kubernetes platform engineer after reviewing Otomi

Spinning up a Kubernetes cluster is relatively easy for an experienced Cloud engineer. Making Kubernetes production-ready, including integrating with data storage, setting up operational tools, automating the deployment pipeline and ensuring security, is much more complex than most teams think at the beginning. Many organizations start using Kubernetes without realizing that the complexity and skills required to be successful increase exponentially as the number of applications increase.

Inevitably, engineers end up learning about Kubernetes as they work. This can lead to:

  • Cost overruns from a poorly designed application, heavy reliance on cloud services, or misconfiguration
  • Security incidents caused by misconfigurations
  • Downtime

With Otomi Container Platform, teams have guardrails in place so that even if they don’t know the best practices, they will be forced to follow them.

The curated, opinionated stack means teams don’t have many opportunities to choose ‘wrong,’ even if this is their first time using Kubernetes.

Not only does this make Kubernetes adoption much faster, it dramatically reduces the impact of any skills gap on either development speed or risk.

Otomi container platform dashboard

Otomi is simple, predictable, cost effective, scalable and secure

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OSX-like interface; mono repository with repeatable code that is easy to adapt, extend and configure; A clear separation between code and configuration.

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All platform code and policies in a single repo. Let Otomi deploy containers and eradicate code sprawl. (Coming soon: Transparent billing showing cost per team and services.)

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Otomi container platform is 10% of the cost of similar solutions. Configured and deployed in hours, you can start day 2 operations that same day and benefit from new features and improvements delivered upstream.

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One configuration repo for all your clusters. One monorepo with all your applications and integrations.

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Integrated best practices like RBAC, OPA policies, Network Policies, image scanning, audit trail. (Coming soon: choose from a selection of “smart” security solutions from leading vendors)

Otomi is developer first because

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OSX like user interface

Otomi compresses years of Kubernetes expertise and best practices into an OSX-like interface, giving users access for the first time to best-in-class preconfigured and integrated open source applications. Existing solutions don’t offer pre-configured apps at this level of integration.

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Avoids lock-in

Otomi avoids lock-in and positions favorite open source applications, which helps devs to adopt, and invest in mature portable solutions that they know and want to work with.

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Development experience

Otomi offers development experience tailored for the workflows of k8s devops.