Otomi Features

A complete and out-of-the-box platform experience for Kubernetes

Intuitive UI

Use one intuitive UI to access all integrated apps and self-service features

Cloud Agnostic

Runs natively on Kubernetes and abstracts all the specific cloud-provider details

Security Best Practices

Out-of-the-box pre-configured security best practices

Install all your favorite Kubernetes apps in one run and get a unified user experience on top of any Kubernetes cluster in any cloud



Intuitive UI

Otomi offers an intuitive web based UI with Role-Based Access to all pre-configured and integrated applications, including Harbor, HashiCorp Vault, Kubeapps, and self-service features to automatically onboard teams, deploy serverless workloads, create Kubernetes Jobs/CronJobs, configure public- and private access to services, and much more.

The configuration of integrated applications can be adjusted using the UI to create your ideal suite of apps and configurations, resulting in Configuration as Code.



Any Kubernetes Cluster - Any Cloud

One way to outsource management for Kubernetes is to use one of the cloud provider’s Kubernetes services in conjunction with a variety of additional cloud provider native services. This is often faster than using vanilla Kubernetes and managing integrations and infrastructure in-house, but it also completely locks you into the cloud provider and often becomes expensive.

Otomi runs natively on Kubernetes and abstracts all the specific cloud provider integrations. A cloud-agnostic strategy releases you from having to rely on a single cloud provider and avoids lock-in. Otomi currently supports AWS, GCP, Azure, and on-premises. 



Security Best Practices

Otomi provides out-of-the-box production-ready security best practices, including:

  • Workload isolation (ingress/egress)
  • Image vulnerability scanning
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Policy enforcement
  • Automatic labeling
  • Pre-configured RBAC
  • mTLS
  • Secret Management
  • SSO (Bring your own IdP)


Read our blogs to learn more about the security controls implemented by Otomi.




The Teams functionality in Otomi enables development teams, new projects, and even third-party digital agencies to be onboarded in just a couple of minutes and can share the same Kubernetes cluster and all the tools. Access to team spaces can be provided using an external IdP like Azure AD and each team automatically gets access to all the tools they need in a comprehensive multi-tenant setup.

Team workloads are separated through (ingress/egress) network policies and routing (using Istio) is automatically configured. With the delegation option,  admins can decide what features a team is allowed to use.



A Complete Suite of Applications

Otomi offers a complete suite of industry-leading open source applications. All applications are pre-configured and ready to use. The following applications are available:

  • Harbor
  • Prometheus
  • Alert manager
  • Grafana
  • Hashicorp Vault
  • KeyCloak
  • Loki
  • Istio
  • Knative
  • Kubeapps


And much more. To learn more about the suite of applications and the integrations, go to the integrations page.

Otomi is open source and can be installed on any Kubernetes cluster. Learn how to install Otomi on your Kubernetes cluster and how to use the Otomi UI and CLI