Are you thinking of going cloud native with containers and Kubernetes? We offer a free in-company masterclass.

Would you like to know more about Kubernetes and find out what it takes to manage Kubernetes in the real world? Red Kubes now offers a free 2 hour in-company Kubernetes masterclass. During this masterclass we will bring you up to speed in configuring and operating Kubernetes clusters, setting up automated CD pipelines and monitoring applications.


Part I

  • Introduction to containers and Kubernetes
  • What you need to know when running Kubernetes is the Cloud
  • Kubernetes in the real world (pitfalls and best-practices)
  • Overview of Kubernetes Management Platforms

Break (15 min)

Part II

  • The most commonly used API objects
  • Setting up automated Continuous Delivery pipelines
  • Auto scaling workloads
  • Monitoring applications (metrics and logs)
  • Introduction into some more advanced topics

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