Mitigate risks

Is the migration to cloud native keeping you up at night?

The trend towards cloud native technology and workflows is fraught with both technical and business risk — but the risk of doing nothing is even greater than the risks on the journey. 

Here’s how Otomi Container Platform helps organizations mitigate risk as they adopt a cloud native approach to software development:


Misconfigurations are the most common source of security vulnerabilities in cloud native applications. The Otomi Container Platform’s opinionated approach to configurations ensures that security best practices are followed consistently even if the team doesn’t know what the best practices are. 


Misconfigurations and application design problems can also cause cloud costs to increase dramatically and unexpectedly. Otomi Container Platform ensures resource usage is in line with internal policies and prevents cost overruns from misconfigurations. 


Most organizations find that Kubernetes is more complex than they expected, and the ramp-up time is longer than planned. This can lead to missed deadlines and missed opportunities to use software to deliver value to customers. Otomi Container Platform abstracts away the complexity of Kubernetes, speeds up the adoption process and simplifies the development, deployment and operations of cloud native applications.

Do you need to ensure maximum predictability and a minimum number of mistakes as your organization adopts cloud native technology?

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