BCT Software chooses Otomi Stack

UTRECHT. 17 April 2020. BCT has chosen Otomi Stack to create a Container Platform based on Kubernetes to support their new Enterprise Information Management (EIM) platform Elemenz.

Otomi Stack offers maturity and speed to support the move towards a modern microservices architecture, and will support BCT Software to create a safe and resilient environment for their Elemenz EIM platform. BCT Software is already running all Elemenz software and development projects in production on Kubernetes with Otomi Stack.

Math Huntjens, Manager Technology at BCT: “BCT has chosen Otomi Stack to accelerate the move to a modern microservices architecture. When we started using Kubernetes for container orchestration, we found out that the learning curve is really steep. Setting up a production ready platform with Kubernetes with tight security, logging, policy enforcement, service mesh support, auditability and traceability is a real challenge. With Otomi Stack we got all of this out-of-the-box. This has saved us an immense amount of time and effort.”

About BCT Software

BCT is convinced that critical information must be proactively available to the right people in order to act professionally! Only with targeted information in the right context can professionals make the best decisions. In this way, a grip on information contributes to a safe, promising and sustainable world. With a team of more than 140 talented employees, we optimize information management at organizations in various industries and help them grow into a knowledge-driven organization in order to get the most out of information.

Elemenz is BCT Software’s platform for EIM technology: a high productivity application platform as a service (hpaPaaS). So a state-of-the-art (hpaPaaS) product that allows professional and non-professional developers to collaborate and quickly build and deploy cloud-native applications. The Elemenz platform follows the “by-design” principles: Identity Access Management, scalability, security, privacy and compliance by design are key factors in our EIM technology. Read more about Elemenz here.

About Red Kubes Otomi Stack

Otomi Stack is a product developed by Red Kubes. Kubernetes is an excellent basis for offering flexible and scalable infrastructure services, but is not a platform by itself. It requires a great amount of engineering to create a platform experience. With Otomi Stack you will get an out-of-the-box enterprise Kubernetes platform that increases developer efficiency and focuses on results rather than creating extra complexity. Read more about Otomi Stack here. Otomi Stack has recently been renamed to Otomi Container Platform.

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