Introducing Otomi Container Platform

Red Kubes Otomi Container Platform: It’s all about the application.

Businesses need to be able to constantly respond to a changing market. Digital transformation means that culture is set up in a way you can immediately respond to major changes, regardless of your technology stack. Containerization ensures speed through iteration, directly from development to production. It’s not even about these technologies themselves, but about using such methods to enable you to keep moving forward.

The war is over and Kubernetes has overcome. It is the container orchestration solution everybody will embrace (or already has). Kubernetes is large, difficult, and offers enormous flexibility. IT engineers can do whatever they think they need to do and spend enormous amounts of time on building and configuring a Kubernetes platform. Kubernetes offers you endless possibilities and this comes with a risk. How to keep this under control? You will need to ask yourself, should this be my business? Eventually, it’s all about the quick and efficient delivery of applications to your end-users. How it all works behind the scenes should not be of concern anymore.

This is why we developed the Otomi Container Platform. Otomi Container Platform is – like most technologies in the market – open source and has the goal to simplify the management of Kubernetes. Otomi Container Platform is based on an opinionated and curated stack controlled by a custom developed API. This offers you maturity and speed while still offering customization if desired. A curated stack solution like Otomi Container Platform offers a lot of benefits like governance, security, and most of all speed in delivering added value to your business.

Kubernetes is an excellent basis for offering flexible and scalable infrastructure services but is not a platform by itself. It requires a great amount of engineering to create a platform experience. With Otomi Container Platform you will get an out-of-the-box enterprise Kubernetes platform that increases developer efficiency and focuses on results rather than creating extra complexity.

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