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Red Kubes is a Dutch start-up founded in 2019 by two Kubernetes fanatics. After Building and operating Kubernetes clusters for years, we noticed organizations are having difficulty keeping up with the increasing complexity of building and operating enterprise grade Kubernetes clusters. Also managing Kubernetes clusters puts more pressure on internal (DevOps) teams. This can result in loss of productivity and higher costs. But maybe more important, it slows down time-to-market.

We are going to help organizations setting up and operating an enterprise grade Kubernetes solution by offering a managed Kubernetes Service: Kubernetes Operations. The basis for our Kubernetes Operations service is Otomi Stack. Otomi Stack is an Open Source Enterprise Kubernetes Management Platform developed by us in the last couple of years.

With Kubernetes Operations we can fill in the gap between the cloud infrastructure layer and customer application workloads, and take full responsibility of a Kubernetes infrastructure. This enables our customers to focus on what they do best: develop software and add value to their customers.

Next to offering a managed service, we also offer a SaaS based Container Orchestration solution based on Kubernetes called Otomi Cloud. With Otomi Cloud we offer a turn-key and fully managed enterprise grade Kubernetes platform with lots of features, where you pay for the resources your apps consume. This can enable start-ups, small and midsize companies to benefit from Kubernetes and deploy cloud native applications in just a few minutes. We will start offering Otomi Cloud without the online and fully automated onboarding. We hope to deliver the full automatic onboarding service in the beginning of Q2 2020.

We will also continue to add more features to Otomi Stack. Our goal is to make Otomi Stack freely available, so everybody can benefit from it. A few companies are already taking advantage of Otomi Stack and we hope more will follow soon.

Keep checking our blog posts and social media channels to keep up to date on all developments.

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