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startup program

Startup Program

We believe Otomi and Kubernetes can speed up time to market, which is what startups are most geared towards. But startups don’t have the luxury of hiring a team of platform engineers. They would like their developers to do more without hiring more.

The challenge in building production-ready platforms with Kubernetes is a challenge and this is especially the case for startups. This program helps to get your products & features out to market more rapidly at virtually zero cost.

Installation & Configuration

We’ll help you install Otomi with a custom configuration based on your requirements on a Kubernetes cluster in your cloud of choice and help you get started with Otomi. We can also help you containerize your app, set up a CI pipeline, create Helm charts, and configure automatic image updates. Contact us and let’s discuss your needs.

Otomi Training

During an in-depth training designed especially for Dev/Ops teams, we’ll learn you everything there is to know about Otomi. The training consists out of a theoretical and a hands-on part. Training can be customized based on your requirements. Note that some basic Kubernetes knowledge (minimal CKAD level) is required. Contact us for more information and pricing.