Introducing Otomi Cloud

Shared Container Platform as a Service

Otomi Cloud is our Container Platform as a Service solution, powered-by Otomi Container Platform. You write the code, Otomi Cloud takes care of all the rest. Otomi Cloud delivers a full featured container platform with all the tools your developers need. After onboarding you can immediately start deploying your applications and access them with a public URL.


Operating a Kubernetes cluster is a complex undertaking. Why spend your time on it? Just write code that adds value for your business and deploy it directly.

Low costs

Are you running Kubernetes in the cloud for only a couple of applications? Why pay for all the overhead? With Otomi Cloud you only pay a fixed monthly subscription fee and for the compute resources your apps actually consume. You can save up to 80 percent with Otomi Cloud Container Platform as a Service versus running Kubernetes yourself. You’ll also be able to better predict and control costs

Fully managed

We manage everything and take care of upgrades and patching of all components with no disruption to your running workloads.

Otomi Cloud Benefits

Low management costs

You pay a monthly subscription fee and we will take care of everything. You do not have to pay for any underutilized compute resources, while we allocate your workload to run on optimized worker nodes.

Pay per use

You pay a monthly subscription fee and we will take care of everything. You do not have to pay for any master node resource consumption or control plane

Scale to zero

You can choose to scale your application to zero if your application is not used and save even more on resource costs.

Continuous management

We take care of upgrades, patching and scaling without disrupting the availability of your running applications.

Guaranteed 99,9% uptime

Our shared cluster runs in multiple availability zones (physically separated data centers) and is replicated to a failover region in case of a disaster.

Grow as you need

Start with a single project space and grow to use multiple project namespaces to support all of your teams or implement DTAP stages.

Built in CD

You will get out-of-the-box CD. Just tell us where your code is stored, and we will deploy it. You can then directly access it using a generated URL, or on your own custom URL.

Secure and compliant

All internal traffic is TLS encrypted and our platform fully complies to the CIS Kubernetes Benchmark.

Secure application exposure

Applications are externally exposed using our hardened ingress controllers and offer features like DDoS protection and SSL encryption by default without any additional costs.

Choose your subscription

Starter (coming soon)
€ 99 / month
Fully managed
Multiple app deployments
Single project space
Automated deployment
€ 499 / month
Fully managed
Multiple app deployments
Multiple project spaces
Private CI/CD (Gitlab/Drone)
Resource usage reports per project space
Private Docker registry

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