Introducing Otomi Container Platform

Any Kubernetes implementation requires making a significant technical effort and investment in integration with other tools and technologies for service meshes, registry, CI/CD, ingress, logging, alerting, automation, security, telemetry, compliance, and governance. You can spend months DIY or choose a solution that provides all of this out-of-the-box. Increase developer productivity and focus on results rather than managing complexity.

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Why use Otomi Container Platform?

Accelerate application development

Time spent on infrastructure management is time that isn’t spent using software to deliver value to your customers. The fastest-moving teams are those who use a mixture of managed services and automation tools to abstract away all of the engineering tasks that don’t build differentiated value for the company. Otomi Container Platform is the fastest way for organizations to get Kuberenetes’ speed and agility, with the smallest initial and ongoing investment in infrastructure management.

Avoid cloud lock-in

Are you worried that you can’t adopt cloud native technology without becoming completely reliant on one cloud provider? Using one of the cloud provider’s Kubernetes versions in conjunction with a variety of cloud is often faster than managing integrations and infrastructure in-house, but it also completely locks the organization into the cloud provider and often becomes very expensive. With Otomi Container Platform, organizations don’t have to lock themselves in to any cloud provider or risk rapidly increasing cloud service bills to get the fastest possible platform to deploy containerized applications.

Overcome the skills gap

Is your team frustrated by how long it takes them to be productive with Kubernetes? Setting up a Kubernetes cluster is relatively easy for an experienced engineer. But making Kubernetes production-grade and ensuring security are much more complex than most teams realize at the beginning. With Otomi Container Platform, teams have guardrails in place and don’t have many opportunities to choose ‘wrong,’ even if this is their first time using Kubernetes. Not only does this make Kubernetes adoption much faster, it dramatically reduces the impact of any skills gap on either development speed or risk.

Otomi Container Platform contains the following pre-configured open source application:

Prometheus logo

Prometheus Operator

The current standard in collecting container application metrics

Loki logo


The next standard in collecting container application logs

Grafana logo


The famous dashboard for viewing application traces, metrics and logs

Istio logo


The service mesh framework with end to end transit encryption and much more

Jaeger logo


End-to-end distributed tracing and monitor for complex distributed systems

Kiali logo


Observe the Istio service mesh relations and connections

OPA logo

Open Policy Agent

Policy-based control for cloud native environments

OpenID Connect logo

Oauth2 / OpenID

Authentication of users against any oidc provider, or Active Directory / LDAP

OpenID Connect logo


Open source Identity and Access Management for modern applications and services

DNS icon

External DNS

Making sure your service ips are found on the internet using hostnames

Knative logo


Deploy and manage modern serverless workloads like functions and auto scalable container deployments

Harbor logo


Container image registry with role-based access control, image scanning and image signing

Velero logo


Back up Kubernetes objects and Persistent Volumes

Infinity icon

Gitlab-CI / Drone

Choose your favorite CI/CD platform

Ingress logo

Ingress Control

Create and configure supporting Cloud resources for ingress

Weave Scope logo

Weave Scope

Understand your application quickly by seeing it in a real time interactive display


Site Speed

Monitor and measure the performance of your web site

Widgets icon

Cluster auto-scaling

Automatically scale cluster nodes on all Clouds

Extra features

Multi-tenancy logo


Get real multi-tenancy and onboard multiple development teams onto the same Kubernetes cluster. The team feature can also be used to separate DTAP.

Centralized policy management logo

Centralized policy management

Otomi Container Platform provides a set of best-practice policies. Select policies and enforce them across multiple teams and clusters.

Build-in monitoring logo

Build-in monitoring

Pre-installed and configured logging and monitoring. Use our standard Grafana dashboards for visualization, or deploy a service monitor and create your own dashboards.

Single Sign-on logo

Single Sign-on

Team members are provided access to the Otomi Container Platform Web Console using Azure AD / LDAP groups.

Integrated CI/CD logo

Integrated CI/CD

Teams can get access to a dedicated GitLab CI or Drone instance and a private container registry.

Team Slack channels logo

Team Slack channels

Configure Alert Manager to send team notifications to a dedicated Slack channel.

Subscription based

Otomi Container Platform EE is offered in a subscription model.
When buying a subscription you will get access to our software, receive (on the air) periodic updates, patches and fixes, new feature releases and support in case you encounter any issues. When using our Managed Kubernetes service, you will also take advantage of all Otomi Container Platform benefits. Like to know more? Request the Otomi Container Platform productsheet.

Compare editions

Community edition (coming soon)
Otomi CLI
Preconfigured Core Apps
Secrets Encryption
Apps Suite (toggle on/off)
SSO for kubectl and (web) Apps
Teams & Services configuration
Ingress management
RBAC for Apps, Teams & Services
Developer Tools
Ops Tools
Otomi Console CE
Enterprise Edition
€1500,- per month/ per cluster
Otomi CLI
Preconfigured Core Apps
Secrets Encryption
Apps Suite (toggle on/off)
SSO for kubectl and (web) Apps
Teams & Services configuration
Ingress management
RBAC for Apps, Teams & Services
Developer Tools
Ops Tools
Otomi Console EE
Self Service of Teams & Services
RBAC based delegation
Otomi API

Download the Otomi Container Platform Productsheet here