Otomi Stack

Otomi Stack

Otomi Stack offers an out-of-the-box enterprise container management platform (on top of Kubernetes) that increases developer efficiency and focuses on results rather than creating complexity. Otomi stack is a curated stack that integrates upstream Kubernetes with proven open source components for automated cluster operations and application lifecycle management to create a unified enterprise container management platform.
Otomi Stack offers organizations maturity and speed while still supporting customization if desired. A curated stack like Otomi Stack offers a lot of benefits like governance, security and most of all speed in delivering added value to your business.

Key features

Simple Deployment

Otomi Stack can be deployed to any upstream Kubernetes cluster, running in the cloud or on-premises with only a single command. The desired state of multiple Kubernetes clusters can be managed from a single mono repository.


We integrated the best open source solutions into a single stack using automation code and adjustable configuration templates. Quickly set up a production-ready Kubernetes environment and customize it when desired.

Open Source

A combination of proven upstream compatible open source solutions and best practices provide a complete, secure and reliable enterprise kubernetes platform to continuously innovate and deliver faster.

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The Otomi Stack consists of the following open source applications working in tandem:

Site Speed

Monitor and measure the performance of your web site

Prometheus logo
Prometheus Operator

The current standard in collecting container application metrics

Loki logo

The next standard in collecting container application logs

Grafana logo

The famous dashboard for viewing application traces, metrics and logs

Istio logo

The service mesh framework with end to end transit encryption and much more

Jaeger logo

End-to-end distributed tracing and monitor for complex distributed systems

Kiali logo

Observe the Istio service mesh relations and connections

OPA logo
Open Policy Agent

Policy-based control for cloud native environments

OpenID Connect logo
Oauth2 / OpenID

Authentication of users against any oidc provider, or Active Directory / LDAP

DNS icon
External DNS

Making sure your service ips are found on the internet using hostnames

Knative logo

Deploy and manage modern serverless workloads like functions and auto scalable container deployments

Harbor logo

Container image registry with role-based access control, image scanning and image signing

FluentD logo

Shipping logs to external storage

Velero logo

Back up Kubernetes objects and Persistent Volumes

Infinity icon
Gitlab-CI / Drone

Choose your favorite CI/CD platform

Ingress logo
Ingress Control

Create and configure supporting Cloud resources for ingress

Weave Scope logo
Weave Scope

Understand your application quickly by seeing it in a real time interactive display

Widgets icon
Cluster auto-scaling

Automatically scale cluster nodes on all Clouds

Support subscription

Otomi Stack can only be used in combination with a support subscription
With a support subscription you will get periodic updates, patches and fixes, new feature releases and support in case you encounter any issues. The Enterprise subscription includes hands-on assistance related to your Otomi Stack installation and configuration. When using our Managed Kubernetes service, you will also take advantage of all Otomi Stack benefits. Like to know more? Request the Otomi Stack Product Sheet here.

Choose your support subscription

Periodic Stack updates
New feature releases
€ 1500 / month*
Standard support channels
€ 2500 / month*
Remote hands-on assistance

* Price per Kubernetes cluster running Otomi Stack

Running 2 or more clusters?

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Installation support

Fixed price installation
We deploy Otomi Stack for a fixed price with a maximum of 3 clusters. This includes installing Kubernetes on your cloud of choice (based on Infrastructure as Code) and configure and install Otomi Stack based on your requirements. Contact us for pricing.

Extra features

Next to all integrated open source solutions, Otomi Stack offers the following extra features:
Team onboarding

Easily onboard new teams. Otomi Stack will automatically create a namespace with default policies that you can customize, provide a CD token, create a team dashboard and configure ingress.

Team dashboards

A team dashboard provides access to tools like Grafana, Prometheus and Alert Manager, but only shows data of objects within the team namespace.

Admin dashboard

The admin dashboard provides access to apps like Grafana, Prometheus, Alert Manager and Weave Scope (and others) and shows data of all cluster resources.

Single Sign-on

Team members are provided access to a team dashboard using Azure AD / LDAP groups.

Integrated CI/CD

Teams can get access to a dedicated GitLab CI or Drone instance and a private container registry.

Team Slack channels

Configure Alert Manager to send team notifications to a dedicated Slack channel.

Support levels

Hours of coverage
Support channels
Number of cases
Initial response time
Business hours*
Email & Slack
4 hours
1 business day
2 business days
Email, Slack & phone
1 hour
2 hours
4 hours
8 hours

* Standard business hours are 8:00-18:00 CET
** 24/7 support for Critical and High severity issues and standard business hours for the rest

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