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Together we accelerate

The Otomi Container Platform enables you to speed up cloud-native adoption and the use of Kubernetes. A cloud-native journey involves more than just setting up a container platform. We work with partners not only to speed up the adoption of the Otomi Container Platform but also to help customers accelerate their cloud-native journey.

Together we deliver more value

The Otomi Container Platform is a Kubernetes-based container platform for lean, fast-moving software companies. Partners can help customers to move to the cloud and implement the Otomi Container Platform. Partners can also help migrate application workloads, re-architect software, and help optimize DevOps pipelines. This is how we deliver more value to our customers.

Partner Types


Help customers implement the Red Kubes products and tailor it to specific customer needs.

Service Provider

Include Red Kubes products in solutions/services they deliver to their customers.


Work with Red Kubes to enhance our products.


Search4Solutions      Consulting

As Search4Solutions we carry out assessments, give courses, Masterclasses, and carry out innovation projects. We work with the latest tools to make companies work smarter, faster, and better. Our mission is: “To innovate the Dutch software industry, by delivering high-quality software solutions”.

Greater      Consulting

Greater is a consultancy company founded by techies and build for techies, powered by a unique culture. We strive to be and remain the best knowledge center in the field of DevOps and Cloud Native. For this we have to keep improving and learning.

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