Otomi Container Platform


What is Otomi Container platform?

Otomi Container Platform is a suite of integrated best of breed open source tools combined with automation & self-service, all wrapped together and made available as a turnkey single deployment solution that transforms any Kubernetes cluster in any cloud into a production-ready enterprise-grade container platform

Ready to go Kubernetes for day-2 operations within a single day!

End-users don’t care about your infrastructure – they just want a fast and reliable application that meets their needs. Every hour spent on infrastructure management – or on building a custom container platform to reduce operational overhead in the future – is time you can’t spend on delighting customers with new features.

Otomi Container Platform makes application development and deployment faster while simplifying operations. Kubernetes isn’t enough to succeed with containers, but Otomi Container Platform bridges the gap.


Multi-tenancy logo


Get real multi-tenancy and onboard multiple development teams onto the same Kubernetes cluster. The team feature can also be used to separate DTAP.

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Centralized policy management

Otomi Container Platform provides a set of best-practice policies. Select policies and enforce them across multiple teams and clusters.

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Built-in monitoring

Pre-installed and configured logging and monitoring. Use our standard Grafana dashboards for visualization, or deploy a service monitor and create your own dashboards.

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Single Sign-on

Team members are provided access to the Otomi Container Platform Web Console using Azure AD / LDAP groups.

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Integrated CI/CD

Teams can get access to a dedicated GitLab CI or Drone instance and a private container registry.

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Team Slack channels

Configure Alert Manager to send team notifications to a dedicated Slack channel.