What is Managed Kubernetes?

Focus on the app, not the infrastructure

Vanilla Kubernetes installations lack visibility, consistent security, scaling and operations. To create an enterprise grade solution, you will need additional add-ons in order to secure, scale, and operate Kubernetes and continuously deploy applications. This requires a lot of knowledge, time and effort. With our Managed Kubernetes offering we can fill in the gap between the cloud infrastructure layer and your application workloads and take full responsibility for your Kubernetes clusters. Our Managed Kubernetes service integrates (Cloud) infrastructure as code, Otomi Container Platform and SRE expertise as a subscription service. This enables you to focus on developing new features and add value to your customers.

The business case

The management of Kubernetes is increasingly demanding on internal teams. Hiring external engineers is expensive and engineers with the right skills are difficult to find. Poor configured clusters can lead to availability and security risks. Not to mention the productivity loss of DevOps teams learning to working with Kubernetes and setting up CD pipelines. Reduce costs, mitigate (security) risks and go to market fast, rely on our Managed Kubernetes service. And all of this for less money than hiring external expertise or setting up your own infrastructure team.



Our clusters fully comply to the CIS Kubernetes Benchmark. You can request a benchmark report whenever you like.

Everything as code

Everything we build is based on code. This enables us to (re-)deploy and update clusters on every cloud and at any time.

Quicker Time to Market

No need to invest large amounts of time and money to setup a production-grade Kubernetes cluster.

Continuous management

We take care of upgrades, patching and scaling without disrupting the availability of your running applications.

Proactive support

We are proactively monitoring all clusters and will take action when needed. We fix issues before you even notice.

Resource optimization

We are constantly monitoring and finetuning resource consumption of your applications.

Choose your subscription

Otomi Container Platform
Functions / Serverless
App onboarding
Dedicated SRE team
€ 3500 / month
20 hours support/month
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Otomi Container Platform

Otomi Container Platform is our (soon to be open source) Enterprise Kubernetes Management Platform and contains components for metrics collection, logging, alerting, auto scaling, central policy management, directory integration and a set of tools and services to support development teams deploying to Kubernetes.

Functions / Serverless

We support automatic deployment of code as functions (based on buildpacks) for the following languages: Node.js, PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, Clojure and Scala. You provide the code, we build and deploy it. FaaS support is part of Otomi Stack.

Application onboarding

We will onboard all your applications. This includes building the CD pipelines to deploy your application and to expose it externally. The monthly subscription fee covers the onboarding of an unlimited amount of applications

Dedicated SRE team

As part of the enterprise subscription we will assign a dedicated team of SRE engineers to your account. This way you will get to know the engineers by name and be able to directly communicate with them using a dedicated slack channel.

Support levels

Hours of coverage
Support channels
Number of cases
Initial response time
Standard support
Business hours
Web and phone
Best Effort
4 hours
1 business day
2 business days
Premium support
Web and phone
1 hour
2 hours
4 hours
8 hours

* 24×7 support only for Critical and High severity issues.

What we do for you

Install cluster

We install a Kubernetes cluster on your cloud of choice based on infrastructure as code.

Configure cluster

Your Kubernetes cluster is configured for availability and security.

Install Otomi Stack

Otomi Stack is installed for additional security, logging, metrics and alerts.

Life Cycle management of all components

We manage the life cycle of the cluster and all installed add-ons.

Proactive monitoring

With Otomi Stack we 24/7 proactively monitor your cluster and all running applications.

Zero downtime upgrades

All updates and patches are installed without downtime. We do not have a maintenance window.

Resource optimization

We are constantly monitoring and finetuning resource consumption of your applications.

Setup Continuous Deployment

We set up all needed deployment pipelines so you can focus on CI.

Guarantee availability

We make sure the cluster and all deployed applications are always available.

Dutch municipalities only: Our Kubernetes clusters are now Common Ground (Haven) compliant. Want to know more?

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