We can support you on-site and remote

We offer our on-site and remote support service in combination with our services, but we can also provide on-site engineers independently of our services.

Customization rates in combination with Managed Kubernetes and Otomi Cloud

Managed Kubernetes includes the onboarding of applications. If you have a Managed Kubernetes subscription (Professional or Enterprise) and need support to assist you with more advanced configurations or support out of the scope of the service we charge the following rates:

  • Remote: EUR 95
  • On-site: EUR 110

Support rates in combination with Otomi Stack Support

If you have an Otomi Stack support subscription and you would like us to assist you in installing and configuring Otomi Stack, we charge the following rates:

  • Remote: EUR 100
  • On-Site: EUR 125

Support rates independently of our services

For all support outside the scope of our service offerings, we calculate the following on-site rates:

  • Senior Cloud Native Engineer: EUR 150

Projects / consultancy rates

  • Senior Solution Architect: 135
  • Project Manager: 110
  • Cloud Native Engineer: EUR 125

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