What our customers and partners say about Otomi

“We see an increasing demand for application management in Kubernetes. With the Otomi Container Platform, customers can make their transition to cloud-native software development faster and easier,”

“The engineering product is top quality. The engineers have created a well-designed and implemented system. The solution is complex but not complicated. The team has built the system in a way that is well thought out and being constantly updated.”

“When we started using Kubernetes we found out that the learning curve is really steep. Setting up a production-ready platform with Kubernetes is a huge challenge. With Otomi, we got all of this out-of-the-box. This has saved us an immense amount of time and effort.

“Immediately upon our first encounter with Red Kubes, we saw the added value of the Otomi Container Platform. Finally, a tool that solves the complexity of a good Kubernetes integration. As far as we are concerned Otomi is ‘The Next Greater Thing in Cloud-Native.”

“Otomi gives us a jump start in using Kubernetes. We don’t need to manage any complex configurations and we can quickly adapt Kubernetes best practices. Now we can completely focus on software to fulfill the Dutch Common Ground promise.”

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