Shift left with Otomi

DevOps platform for Kubernetes

Day 2 readiness out-of-the-box

A complete stack of integrated, automated and pre-configured platform applications




Otomi adds a full Platform experience to any Kubernetes distribution in any cloud

How the benefits of Otomi apply to you

Lower the burden on operations and make developers self-serving

IT Leaders

Lower operational cost, shorten time to market and avoid technical debt

DevOps Teams

Avoid pitfalls and increase DevOps maturity while delivering applications to production

Platform Teams

Create environments on-demand and make developers self-serving


Focus on developing software and releasing new features, not on Kubernetes internals

Discover Otomi

GitOps out-of-the-box

Enable Argo CD and get GitOps out-of-the-box. Just add your manifests to your repository.

Integrated Service Mesh

Secure service-to-service communication with TLS encryption by default. Otomi manages all Istio configuration in an automated way.

Zero-trust networking

Use Otomi Console to configure network policies between services (east-west) and access to external resources.