Make Kubernetes adoption a safe, predictable and simple experience with Otomi Container Platform

A turnkey Kubernetes-based platform solution with an innovative new Kubernetes user experience lets you focus on delivering business value instead of managing complexity

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Focus on applications, not on infrastructure

Cloud-Native and Kubernetes adoption is a combination of culture and technology. Otomi gives you a head start on the technology, so you can focus on delivering software with the optimal speed and quality.

Stop managing configurations

Stop writing YAML files

Stop setting up operational tools

Stop refining CI/CD pipelines

AVOID misconfiguration resulting in downtime and security issues

Otomi Container Platform is an out-of-the-box solution to run on top of Kubernetes

  • Quickly adopt Kubernetes best practices
  • Focus on software, not on building and maintaining a platform
  • Deploy faster through self service
  • Utilise an OSX-like approach
  • Run on the top of any Kubernetes cluster in AWS, Azure, GCP or on-premises

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Get everything Kubernetes has to offer, reduce it’s complexity, reassign developers to business-relevant tasks and deliver better software from day-1

Developers use Otomi to

Get all the benefits of Kubernetes while spending maximum time on developing their software

DevOps use Otomi to

Deliver an enterprise-grade solution without generating technical debt and reinventing the wheel

Decision-makers choose Otomi to

Make Kubernetes adoption predictable, cost-effective and safe for all DevOps teams involved

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