Get your apps to market fast, reliable and secure with Otomi Container Platform

Best of breed suite integrated open source tools, combined with automation & self service and made available as an enterprise ready and easily deployable solution to turn any Kubernetes cluster in any cloud into a real container platform.

Why Otomi Container Platform?

Any Kubernetes implementation requires making a significant technical effort and investment in integration with other tools and technologies for service meshes, registry, CI/CD, ingress, logging, alerting, automation, security, telemetry, compliance, and governance. You can spend months DIY or choose a solution that provides all of this out-of-the-box. Increase developer productivity and focus on results rather than managing complexity.

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Use cases

Fast moving software companies

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Companies who need workload isolation

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Companies who depend on containerized software

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Get real multi-tenancy and onboard multiple development teams onto the same Kubernetes cluster. The team feature can also be used to separate DTAP.

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Centralized policy management

Otomi Container Platform provides a set of best-practice policies. Select policies and enforce them across multiple teams and clusters.

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Build-in monitoring

Pre-installed and configured logging and monitoring. Use our standard Grafana dashboards for visualization, or deploy a service monitor and create your own dashboards.

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Single Sign-on

Team members are provided access to the Otomi Container Platform Web Console using Azure AD / LDAP groups.

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Integrated CI/CD

Teams can get access to a dedicated GitLab CI or Drone instance and a private container registry.

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Team Slack channels

Configure Alert Manager to send team notifications to a dedicated Slack channel.

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Benefits of Otomi Container Platform

Accelerate development

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Avoid cloud lock-in

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Overcome the skills gap

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Mitigate risk

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Some of our clients

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Otomi Container Platform contains the following pre-configured open source application:


Prometheus Operator

The current standard in collecting container application metrics

Otomi Container Platform


The next standard in collecting container application logs



The famous dashboard for viewing application traces, metrics and logs

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The service mesh framework with end to end transit encryption and much more

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End-to-end distributed tracing and monitor for complex distributed systems

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Observe the Istio service mesh relations and connections

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Open Policy Agent

Policy-based control for cloud native environments

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Oauth2 / OpenID

Authentication of users against any oidc provider, or Active Directory / LDAP

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Open source Identity and Access Management for modern applications and services

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External DNS

Making sure your service ips are found on the internet using hostnames

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Deploy and manage modern serverless workloads like functions and auto scalable container deployments

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Container image registry with role-based access control, image scanning and image signing

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Back up Kubernetes objects and Persistent Volumes

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Gitlab-CI / Drone

Choose your favorite CI/CD platform

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Ingress Control

Create and configure supporting Cloud resources for ingress

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Weave Scope

Understand your application quickly by seeing it in a real time interactive display


Site Speed

Monitor and measure the performance of your web site

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Cluster auto-scaling

Automatically scale cluster nodes on all Clouds

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