Otomi Container Platform

Focus on developer productivity with Otomi Container Platform based on Kubernetes. Use a single UI to manage workloads on all your Kubernetes clusters, in the Cloud or on-premise.

Otomi Cloud

You write the code, we take care of the rest. Otomi Cloud provides a container platform without having to run and manage your own Kubernetes cluster.

Get your production-grade managed Kubernetes cluster now

You would like to have your own Kubernetes cluster on any cloud, but you do not want to configure and operate it yourself? We offer a Managed Kubernetes service.


Our clusters fully comply to the CIS Kubernetes Benchmark. You can request a benchmark report whenever you like.

Everything as code

Everything we build is based on code. This enables us to (re-)deploy and update clusters on every cloud and at any time.

Quicker Time to Market

No need to invest large amounts of time and money to setup a production-grade Kubernetes cluster.

Continuous management

We take care of upgrades, patching and scaling without disrupting the availability of your running applications.

Proactive support

We are proactively monitoring all clusters and will take action when needed. We fix issues before you even notice.

Resource optimization

We are constantly monitoring and finetuning resource consumption of your applications.